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Slovene countryside, this world of its own, moving to the rhythm of the seasons, offers a total switch from urban daily routine to relaxation in a green amphitheatre, every day with a different face. Actively exploring the charms of untouched nature, the open door of locals or getting away to surrounding attractions riding electric bikes, you find a touch of prestige staying in a designer Minimaxi apartment with its homely cosiness. This is what Open Villages are, and much more. Glampyarding with the luxury of sustainable accommodation and experiencing authentic Slovene villages with the locals’ hospitality.
365 days a year.

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Open villages

Come and enjoy a wealth of experiences that go hand in hand with the seasons. Discover the unspoiled nature, diverse landscapes, authentic local customs and traditions, dialects and culinary specialties, sample some wholesome organically produced food and wine, and experience the sincere hospitality of local people

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Locals open the door

The unique charm of Slovene countryside comes from warm and genuine hospitality of locals....


Open Villages kitchen smells of grandma’s recipes...


The lovers of physical exercise and dynamic challenges can get away from Open Villages on ...


Explorers who like to discover charms of tourist attractions and ancestral messages hidden...

Stories of people from Open Villages

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When you drive from Sežana towards Nova Gorica, you will see a typical compact...

Borut Leban and wine from amphorae

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Homestead At the Station

Juicy fruit from the Vipava Valley and extra virgin olive oil from Hvar. The...

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