Kmetija na Hribu

Ecological farm On the hill which is located near the village centre of Prvačina offers the perfect experience of everyday at a countryside homestead. The day starts with taking care of farm animals and continues with tasks in the vineyard, in the field and in pastures. They offer riding full blooded quarter horses in a square pen, seasonal dried meats from ecologically bred pigs, various types of homemade flour from certified organically grown grains. Ozana, who is also a veterinarian, and her husband Aland and their four children like to show the style of life that makes them happy.

Welcome Alana in Ozane Leban

Kmetija na Hribu

Prvačina 94, 5297
041-749-929 041-241-590

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Environmental protection measures

  • an ecological farm with a controlled certificate
  • no sprays, fertilisers, treated seeds
  • energy efficient light bulbs
  • waste separation
  • separate water for agrucultural and home use
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Homemade ecological produce, self-sufficiency, homeliness, access, cooperation of guests in work at the farm, riding school 

Home products

Pšenična horasan moka (polnozrnata)


Pšenična moka bela


Pšenična moka (polnozrnata)


Koruzna moka


Šalam na zraku sušen


Pirina moka (polnozrnata)


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