Orehovo Farm

Harvesting Siberian blueberries every year from May to June on 700 bushes. The fruits of Siberian blueberries ripen very early, in late April or early May, and depending on the variety ripen by mid-June, which means that this is the first fruit in your garden. Blueberries are useful fresh, due to their high pectin content, blueberries are very suitable for jams, marmalades, they are also used for juices, sweets, liqueurs, wines or for freezing, etc. They have a sweet, bitter taste, some older varieties are also slightly bitter and have their typical aroma.

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Orehovo Farm

Sovjak 66, Sveti Jurij ob Ščavnici


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Environmental protection measures

Self-sufficient farm from an energy point of view (production of electricity with a solar system). Heat pump heating. Municipal water treatment with a treatment plant

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