Borut Leban

Borut Leban is a younger generation winemaker which treads his own path of producing ecological wines from amphoras. He is further developing the knowledge and experience from the field of classical winemaking, which he was taught by his father Vili, in a completely new direction of orange wines. Ripening of gapes in the vineyards and of the wine in amphoras is dictated solely by nature. And that can be tasted in every drop of the “drink of the gods” which you can taste in his cellar. He invites you into his story by presenting the process of making wine from amphoras and offers you a tasting.

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Borut Leban

Prvačina 121b
00386 31328244

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  • ecological winemaking
  • energy-efficient light bulbs
  • waste separation
  • water conservation
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Wine in amphoras, ecological orange, white and red wines 

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Malvazija - kvevri (suho belo)


Rubrum - kvevri (suho rdeče)


Nativ - kvevri (suho belo)


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