Hiša Aleksandrink

The Museum of Alexandrian Women is located in the village center of Prvačina, right next to the Church of Saint Andrea. The museum collection consists of precious objects which were kept at the attic by nonas and grand nonas as a painful but sometimes also a nice memory of their time spent as servants in Alexandria. The Alexandrian women museum collection consists of authentic photographs and personal artefacts and came to life with the professional help of the Regional Mueum Goriški muzej. Today’s collection and events associated with it which are organised by the Society for perservation of the memory of the Alexandrian women and the Prvačina Women's Society serves to preserve the memory of women which saved their assets and the lives of their loved ones by working as servants, wet nurses and chaperons in Alexandria and Cairo.

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Hiša Aleksandrink

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Dramatic performance by female members of the Society in th original garments, the option of being photographed in replicas of the garments in the company of Alexandrian women, and a banquet by prior appointment